Thursday, January 2, 2014

The various health benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

I plan to blog about what a Ketogenic Diet is,but right now I wanted to put together the health benefits that I have noted personally for me ever since I started on this.

1.My moods have stabilized.
2.Hypoglycemia-completely gone.
3.Faint dizzy feeling after eating is gone.
4.Food allergies under control.
5.PMS symptoms all gone without a trace.
6.Improved skin tone
7.Puffiness and bloating on face gone.
8.Bloated protruding tummy reduced.
9.Indigestion and heartburn cured.
10.My fungal nail infection on my toe that was there for 15 years disappeared completely without a trace.
11.I do not have to take OTC painkillers for PMS cramps.
12.My sweet cravings are under control.
13.I do not experience the afternoon slump anymore.
14.I am satisfied with just a little amount of food.
15.I have lost inches off my tummy that never seemed to go away no matter what I did(of course I also have a Diastasis,still working on it)

I am sure there are plenty more,but I love the way I feel when on this diet.


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